Frequently Asked Questions

Know More About Kenfarms

  • What is KenFarms and Agrovet?

    Kenfarms and Agrovet also knows as "Kenfarms" is a platform focused on empowering poultry farmers while enabling individual agro Partners earn profits on their capital which helps to grow the poultry farming industry and ultimately strengthen global food security.

  • What problems are we solving?

    We are creating a platform where we can sort the aspect of livestock’s problems we face in Nigeria by doing the dirty job for you , while we both reap the benefit.

  • Our Aims

    To protect and advance the interests of communal as well as commercial farmers To promote the development of a viable farming industry in order to : Improve rural community’s standard of living; and Enhance rural farming To liaise with international farmers organizations and promote networking, cooperation and representation of farmers interests at international level

  • Do You Have Any Questions

    If you have an idea or want to make an enquiry, we would love to hear about it.